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Local Knowledge, Global Support: Bringing cutting edge tools to our glass industry

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

3M’s diamond tooling division, formerly known as Wendt Diamond, have launched a new range of dark drills, spider reamers (countersinks) and silver track CNC tools. We recently conducted local trials in collaboration with 3M Germany and our customers, with impressive results!  

The trials showed increases in feed rates, improved finish quality and no chipping or breaking. All these factors aid production times, improving processing efficiencies and resulting in a better finish result for the customer.

We conduct trials of new products locally so we can assess performance and suitability for our customers’ needs, and support our customers with good first-hand knowledge. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the ongoing support and information on hand to provide ongoing confidence, support and advice for our local customers as they take up new products within their business.

If you are interested in benefitting from the new range of 3M Wendt CNC and Forvett Diamond Tools contact us today or click the images below for futher details.



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