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Friday, 21 August 2015

Glazing and Construction Supplies is pleased to announce our continued relationship with Dow Corning, an association that extends over 25 years.


GCS is proud to associate itself with Dow Corning, a global leader in silicone-based technology since 1943. Dow Corning is a quality brand that supplies superior products, with proven performance and reliability over many years.


Some question why we don’t offer our customers a variety of brands here at GCS. We choose not to give shelf space to competing brands, where fancy branding and clever marketing count more than performance.  The importance of silicone sealants can be overlooked because it appears to form such a small part of an overall job. However, that small part can be integral to the job, so why risk using products that just don’t deliver?


GCS offers several formats of Dow Corning silicone sealants to cover a wide variety of silicone related building techniques and applications. From weathersealing to structural glazing, we have the product for your job.


By choosing GCS to supply your silicone sealants you can be sure you’re getting the best available products on the market backed by over 25 years knowledge and experience.


Check out the range of Dow Corning silicone sealants and let GCS help you complete your next job confident that it will perform as intended for years to come.

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